Fast CPR Career Rescue

Anyone who knows how to do CPR will tell you that CPR  is all about Efficiency and Effectiveness!
Fast CPR™ is a federal government recognized 501(c)3 organization committed to improving Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment Outlook with Effective and Efficient programs.
We have helped thousands in Hawaii Job market with our revolutionary training concepts, sweat, service, smile and word wide recognized efficiency principles! 

Let's talk about why your Career may need Fast CPR™: 
  It all works same as your CPR Class!

 1 (Job Blood Flow):  SAVE YOUR CAREER FAST, with Fast CPR, by meeting job requirements in a timely manner, without interruptions.  Don't loose a paycheck!  Red tape can cut off the circulation to your family dinner table!  Get proper training efficiently, effectively and Your Compliance Card on the Bosses table Today!  We have taken great pains to make sure you get the most extensive training through our turbo charged classes:

BLS Healthcare Provider Traditional Classroom Courses and BLS Healthcare Provider Online+Classroom Courses (Fastest) - Save your career by getting this certification.  Keep from losing your job by getting it in a timely manner or move on to a better career that requires it.  This is the required cert in most hospitals and clinics.  Innovative, dynamic, comprehensive training!

First Aid CPR AED Traditional Classroom Courses and First Aid CPR AED Online+Classroom Courses (Fastest) - Save your career by getting this certification.  This is the required cert for most other jobs.  Check to see which cert you need! Trouble free certification class that outperforms all those boring classes.  Unparalleled service!. 

Card as soon as you pass! Your Boss will be happy because you save him the headache on paperwork!   Many training options including eLearning available!   We also have Emergency O2, BBP Certifications etc.

Wonderful, entertaining, memorable  classes, that are fun -  Because we are real teachers, and we actually teach! 

 2 (CLEAR! Career Jolt!):  SAVE YOUR CAREER FAST, with Fast CPR, by learning new skills Fast As Possible, to  increase your chance of survival NOW!.   But Success is better!  Society is made so lower your pay, more you work to try to get somewhere in life.  When you call Fast CPR™ you are Powering up to go!  With us you get the Boost you need!  Our classes may help you move on to a better job or get a much better second job, helping you make a flawless career transition with ease.  Your new skills and new knowledge may improve your chances for a raise.  Plus, you can do all this without ridiculous student loans and years lost on irrelevant study that clogs your finances like bad cholesterol!  Our classes are designed to suit your lifestyle because they are custom tailored to fit you:

Phlebotomy Technician Training and Certification   Learn to draw blood!  Phlebotomists work at hospitals, clinics and labs across Hawaii.  We come to rescue with the most flexible, most efficient, most effective program in the State with highest resources committed to helping you learn Phlebotomy.   Small class sizes, individualized attention, best technologies.   Attend a Free Phlebotomy Program Orientation.
- Medical Administrative Assistant Training and Certification  Learn how to run a medical office!  Medical Administrative Assistants are important part of the medical industry, with us you get solid training, most effective and affordable way possible!
- HSHF Personal Trainer Course  Learn to train people! In Hapkido that is, never heard of it?  It is the best kept secret in health, fitness and personal development.  It is slam dunk fun, and it is good for you!
- Basic Workplace English  Speak it for Better Career Prospects!  Many can survive without speaking English in Hawaii by only staying within their own ethnic groups.  But command of the English is necessary to succeed in a English Speaking Workplace.
-  Workplace English (For Medical, Nursing and Hospitality Jobs) To the point, effective courses for your success in a English Speaking Workplace.

 (Below courses are to be offered again in 2016 - Watch our course calendar for updates)
 - Clinical Medical Assistant Training and Certification
- EKG Technician Training and Certification
- Billing and Coding

 3  LIFE GOES ON!  After reviving your career, get better with better learning.  In nature when things stop growing, things start dying!  Our philosophy is the same.  Learn and continue to grow with us!  
Be open to virtually limitless opportunities.  Your career is not an "Average Career with a Pulse!"  Our classes are not the average classes you sleep through.  Join us, have fun. Class Calendar.

Too much work stress is a major killer, just like too much salt and too much sugar.
We help companies achieve a perfect compliance pulse, without all the stress!  
Tell your boss about us!  We will help him too!